SatTracker Privacy Policy


SatTracker connects to external services for two purposes (always under user control):


1. download of satellite orbital elements from This is always done anonymously.


2. download of cloud images from (if specifically requested by the user). There are two modes: anonymous or via subscription (independent of SatTracker). In the subscription model, the user name and password are stored in SatTracker's preferences. This preferences file, ~/Library/Containers/com.ClearAndDark.SatTrackerBasic/Data/Library/Application\ Support/com.ClearAndDark.SatTrackerBasic/com.ClearAndDark.SatTrackerBasic.plist

can be moved to the trash to delete this information.


In no case whatsoever is information sent to, or any third-party services (except the above-mentioned subscription credentials to


The data downloaded are stored locally on disk in a database (for the satelite elements) or a pair of files (for cloud images). These data are used exclusively for the generation and display of satellite location maps.


The app SatTracker contains no tracking nor analytics frameworks.


All data collected and generated by the app SatTracker can be entirely deleted by the user by moving the following folder to the Trash: